SQL Compare



SQL Compare is the industry standard for comparing and deploying SQL Server database schemas quickly and accurately. 71% of the Fortune 100 use SQL Compare – because it's relentlessly tested, easy to use, fast, and saves time. Whether you need to deploy changes or explore the differences between two versions of a database, SQL Compare helps you do the job quickly, simply and with zero errors.

  • Save time comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database schemas
  • Eliminate mistakes migrating database changes from dev, to test, to production
  • Speed up the deployment of new SQL Server schema updates
  • Explore schema changes to see what's going on in development
  • Generate T-SQL scripts that update one SQL Server database to match the schema of another
  • Find and fix errors caused by differences between databases
  • Compare and synchronize from within SQL Server Management Studio
  • Deploy to SQL Server databases, SQL Azure databases, or SQL Server on Amazon RDS
  • Compare and sync your static data with SQL Data Compare
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