dbForge Studio for SQL Server



dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a powerful IDE for SQL Server management, administration, development, data reporting and analysis.  The tool will help SQL developers to perform complex database changes, version-control database changes in popular source control systems, and speed up routine tasks. You don't need to waste your time to search for and purchase SSMS plugins across the internet to get your work done.

Benefit form Instellisense-like Features Out of the Box
Smart code completion, code formatting, SQL refactoring, snippets, profiles, statement expansion, column picker, and much more!

Handle Schema/Data Diffs with No Hassle
Compare data in different SQL Server instances and generate synchronization scripts.

Manage Database Changes in Source Control
Make a practice of managing database changes in source control. Get the benefits from viewing the change history, navigating between different revisions and merging.

Get Rid of Index Fragmentation
Quickly collect index fragmentation statistics and detect databases that require maintenance.

Implement Database Unit Testing
Implement Automated Unit Tests Based on the tSQLt Framework.

Generate Meaningful Test Data in a Few Clicks
Built-in Data Generator allows you to populate an empty database with a hundred thousands of meaningful test data.

Build Complex Queries Visually
With this tool, you can quickly create complex statements with multiple tables, conditions, and subqueries without manually typing the code.

Import and Export Data
Our tools support 10+ widely used data formats, a number of advanced options, and templates for recurring scenarios, customizable command line import and export.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server allows you to:
- Easily manage editing, copying, attaching, detaching, backing up and restoring databases from one server to another
- Generate scheduled database scripts with data through command line
- Boost SQL coding in a convenient scripting environment
- Analyze and improve T-SQL code quality
- Design tables and rebuild them without losing data
- Compare databases, synchronize schemas and data
- Link database to source control
- Tackle object dependencies when modifying database with complex structure
- Automate deployment of a database to the production server
- Create reports on data and automate data report delivery
- Manage security in databases quickly
- Develop and manage SQL Azure databases
- Populate database with generated test data
- Profile SQL Server events and track T-SQL queries

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