CloudBeaver Enterprise



CloudBeaver Enterprise is a lightweight application for all-around data management from a web browser. Work with data easily with a single secure cloud solution.

Data management
Work with data in a familiar table format. Analyze, visualize, build reports, and transfer your data to files in multiple formats. Use ERD to explore your database structure.

SQL management
Execute, store, manage, and export scripts. Take advantage of smart auto-completion for tables, columns, procedures, and SQL keywords. Use query manager to track users’ script execution.

Advanced user management
Grant access to resources for the end-users. It can be integrated with the internal user management system through the AWS SSO, SAML, or OpenID.

AWS integration
Get ready-to-go database management toolset for implementation in the AWS environment. Supports all popular AWS databases: Athena, Redshift, RDS, DynamoDB, etc. Native AWS Cloud Explorer to search databases across different regions.

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