ApexSQL Developer



ApexSQL Developer included 14 tools:

ApexSQL Build - Build SQL databases
Create SQL databases and deployment packages from scripts, snapshots, and source control

ApexSQL Clean - Remove unreferenced objects
View database dependencies and analyze the impact of planned changes

ApexSQL Complete - SQL auto-complete and more
A ton of free SQL Server productivity features for SSMS and Visual Studio

ApexSQL Data Diff - SQL Server data compare
Compare and synchronize SQL Server database data

ApexSQL Decrypt - SQL Server object decryption
Decrypt SQL Server database objects and preview DDL script

ApexSQL Diff - SQL Server schema compare
Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schemas

ApexSQL Doc - SQL and BI documentation
Document SQL databases, SSAS cubes, SSIS packages and SSRS reports

ApexSQL Generate - SQL test data generator
Test data generation specifically designed for SQL Server developers

ApexSQL Refactor - Free SQL code formatter
Format and refactor SQL code and objects

ApexSQL Script - SQL Server scripting
Script SQL objects and data into scripts and deployment packages

ApexSQL Search - SQL data and object search
Search SQL Server data and objects for free in SSMS and Visual Studio

ApexSQL Source Control - SQL Server source controlv Integrate source control with SQL Server database development

ApexSQL Trigger - Trigger based SQL auditing
Seamlessly integrate trigger based audit trails and reporting into your client applications

ApexSQL Unit Test - SQL database unit testing
Create, organize and run SQL database unit tests

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