ApexSQL DBA included 8 tools:

ApexSQL Audit - SQL auditing and compliance
Enterprise level SQL Server auditing with compliance reports

ApexSQL Backup - SQL backup management
Manage and automate SQL Server backups

ApexSQL Defrag - Fix SQL index fragmentation
SQL Server index monitoring, analysis, maintenance and defragmentation

ApexSQL Log - Read the SQL transaction log
A SQL transaction log reader for forensic auditing and rollback of changes

ApexSQL Monitor - The future of SQL monitoring
Monitor, detect, and solve SQL Server performance problems

ApexSQL Propagate - Multi-DB SQL script execution
Execute multiple scripts on multiple databases

ApexSQL Recover - #1 in SQL data recovery
Recover deleted, dropped, or lost data

ApexSQL Restore - Restore SQL database backups
Save time and space restoring database backups and transaction logs

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