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Grandsoft is appointed as authorised reseller of Google Apps


Grandsoft Hong Kong Ltd. today announced that it has been appointed by Google as a Google Apps Authorized Reseller in Hong Kong. GrandSoft will be able to sell, customize and provide support services on Google Apps for Business, which allows Small and Medium businesses to take advantages of Google’s popular cloud services to enhance business flows.

Google Apps for Business is a highly efficient, secure, reliable, and comprehensive messaging and collaboration solution for Companies of any size, it reduces their costs of ownership, and improve operations. Currently, over 4 million businesses are using Google Apps for Business on their businesses.

“Google Apps has become very matured in recent years and is very valuable for almost any business in Hong Kong” said Kelvin Shing, the Senior Technical Consultant at GrandSoft. “We believe the benefits of using Google Apps will be rapidly recognized by many of the Companies in Hong Kong, and it will become a very popular collaborative system for business commercials.”

He added, “We have used Google Apps for Business at GrandSoft for over a year and have experienced first hand its many benefits, including – hugh saving on IT overheads, increased collaborations between staff, stability of the system performance, and convenience on mobile messaging. We believe all other businesses in Hong Kong should experience the convenience which Google Apps brings and how it saves their time and investment for their core businesses.”

The Google Apps for Business, suite of communication and collaboration tools, includes Gmail™, Google Calendar™, Google Drive™, Google Docs™, Google Sites™, Google Talk™, Google Vault™ and Google Video™ for business. To learn how your business can benefit from Google Apps, please contact GrandSoft Hong Kong Ltd. to learn more.

For any sales enquiry, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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